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one more thing [Oct. 2nd, 2004|12:12 pm]
Dorky Chicks Fiction Club
[mood |artisticartistic]
[music |aol radio (r&B soul)]

One more thing

All you wanted from me was one thing
Once you had that one and only thing
You are gone
Gone like a leaf in the wind
Never to be seen again

You take of my body
What seemed like a minute
Will now scar fora lifetime
But I will never shed a single goddamn tear

Was that all you wanted me for
I know I’m fine and stuff
But I do have a few brain cells
But I guess that’s not what you want is it

I opened my door to you
Let you in to my heart
Then all of a sudden

You have a girl
You just broke up
But you need time to mend
You can notbe just jumping and bending just for me
You can’t be with me in that kind of a way

I though that I could trust you
That you were different
Different then all the others
That there was something special about you

But then you go and kiss another girl
In the hall right infront of me
It`s oh no it’s not what it looked like
And she came on to me first
And why are you mad at me

Why should I be mad at you?
I’m the one who opened the door
I let you just come in and fuck with
My heart, mind and emotions
I should have thought about it a little more

A mans a man and is always going to be a man